The lighted rear appliqué makes your Tesla Model S or Model X distinctive from every other car on the road and even other Teslas.  This neopixel device comes with a Bluetooth controller that enables a number of special effects. It replaces the stock appliqué and is connected to power and signal sources in the trunk and liftgate hatch. Each letter is lighted and special effects can be customized and controlled from a smartphone Bluetooth app with a range of 20-30 feet.  The color, brightness, flash frequency, and sequence of each letter can be independently controlled according to each owner’s preferences.
The out-of-the box effects include:
  • Letters turn on and light red when the car’s rear tail lights are on
  • Letters light bright red when brakes are applied
  • Right-to-left and left-to-right sequencing of letters in sync with turn signals
  • Letters turn white when reverse is engaged
  • Letters flash in red in sync with all car lights controlled by the emergency flasher
A number of effects are possible with the Bluetooth controller, for example Knight Rider sequencing, pulsing between TESLA and S, and disco mode.
The appliqué for Model S and X can be ordered in a chrome version to match the OEM Tesla chrome plastic applique or custom painted to match the color of your car.