With a Tesla Model S rear camera mounted in the front of the car, the camera switch makes possible switching from a rear to front view on the touch screen when parking the car or in other situations when the driver wants to be able to see obstacles in front of the car that are not in the line of sight The switch fully integrates with the touch screen camera electronics. Supplied with a remote, the switch can be operated using the Model S Homelink system.

Interest on TMC appears to be sufficient to justify a 2nd production run of the kit.  An initial production run of 100 was made in 2014 and they were sold out in several months. To justify an investment in cost of a 2nd production run we’ll need 100 reservations. The cost of the kit will be $210.  Reservation holders will be required to make a 50 percent deposit once a total of 100 reservations is reached.  The production run will not begin until 100 deposits have been received.

The kit includes a the camera switch PCB mounted in a case, plugs for the touchscreen, rear, and front camera cable connectors, a front license plate mount, and a remote.

The kit also requires the buyer to purchase from a Tesla Service Center an additional Tesla rear camera, three Tesla cables, and installation parts.  These parts will cost an additional $600 or so.

Part numbers are provided below:

Cable, HSD, Liftgate, Camera 1006780-00-D

Cable, HSD, Instrument Panel, Camera 1006782-00-D

Cable, HSD, Body Left, Camera 1006781-00-D

ASSY - CAMERA - REAR VIEW 1006773-00-E

Installation instructions are provided in the link below:


Reservations require your full name by emailing evappliques@gmail.com and make "Reservations: Front/Rear Camera Switch Kit" the subject.